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Biofuels Technology
With our engineering team’s expertise, there is no substitute for APInnovations when it comes to world class biofuels processing techniques. From biodiesel to ethanol, APInnovations is ready to assist you with anything you need from engineering, to equipment supply, to full turn key projects with your satisfaction guaranteed.

When you consider the purchase of a biodiesel plant, here are four questions you should ask:

1.        How many plants has your company actually built and can we tour one of them? (There are several companies with seemingly good ideas, but they have never built a plant! We have designed and installed thirteen in the U.S. alone!)

2.       Does your company actually do the building of the plant, or do you simply sell them? (We design, build, install, and commission all our plants! And we train your employees!)

3.       Is your company capable of being bonded for the project?  (Companies that only sell plants will not be able to secure a bond.  Only the company that builds will be bondable.  How is your money protected?)

4.       Will your company be able to provide the balance of plant services or do you simply sell the biodiesel processor?  (We provide full service.  Many companies simply sell the processor or at best, subcontract the balance of plant.  We do our own work!)

Other facts about APInnovations...

· Owned and operated by two industry recognized engineers with over 60 years of experience, the principals at API have designed, manufactured and installed over 20 biodiesel plants worldwide.

· Equally important, the principals at API designed, built and manufactured their own biodiesel plant, and thus are intimately familiar with plant management and operations.

· The API engineers use a waterless biodiesel system that eliminates environmental concerns.

· API offers a variety of services ranging from feasibility studies, consulting and plant design, to manufacture of biodiesel processors, to total turn-key biodiesel operations.

· APFabrications (API affiliate), is a premier manufacturer of biodiesel plants for the pre-treatment and transesterification of biodiesel from seed oils, animal fats and a variety of other feed stocks.

· API also offers additional products for seed crushing, oil refining, FFA treatment, and glycerin purification.

For biodiesel plants of 3MM gallons/year and up, API has both the knowledge and the experience to make your biodiesel operation a success.

Give us a call or complete our biofuels information request form to request more information.

For locations and pictures of biofuels projects of past and present, click the world map below! ®2007