AP Innovations consults several locations in North America from completed plants to ongoing projects.

USA Earthbound, San Jose, CA, 3,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Patriot Biofuels, Stuttgart, Arkansas, 3,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Milagro Bio-Fuels of Memphis, Memphis, TN, 5,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Geo Green Fuels, Gonzales, TX, 3,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Direct Fuels, Euless, TX 10,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Global Fuels, LLC, Dexter, MO, 3,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Northwest BioDiesel Ltd, St. Joseph, MO 5,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstock Geogreen BioFuels, Vernon, CA, 3,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Valley Coop Oil Mill, Harlingen, TX, 3,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Natural Biodiesel, Braggadaocio, MO, 3,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Great River Soy, Lilborn, MO, 5,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Bob Clarke, Commerce, GA, 5,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Sonny Oswalt, Lake Providence, LA, 5,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstock High Hills Biodiesel, High Hill, MO, 5,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Global Alternative Fuels, El Paso, TX, 5,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Northwest Missouri Biofuels, St. Joseph, MO 10,000,000 gpy, multiple feedstocks Pinnacle BioFuels, Crossett, AR, 10,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Energy Merchants, Santa Fe Springs, CA, 10,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Ardisam, Cumberland, WI, 3,000,000 gpy, single feedstock Maize Process Innovators, Champaign, IL
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