Engineered Equipment & System Sales
Agri Process Innovations (APInnovations) was established in 1999 to provide technical consulting services to the food processing industry. The principals of API have a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry, specializing in rice, soybean vegetable oil processing, and more recently, the biofuels industry. It quickly became apparent that engineering services to support the consulting was necessary for our clients so both strategic alliances and an in-house team were developed.

APInnovations also developed an early realization that in some parts of the world, technical service is as necessary as the equipment itself. We learned that specialized equipment that we found throughout the world could be used by U.S. manufacturers and processors to improve their efficiency or reduce their capital costs of installations.

Finally, with the world political climates and the cost of oil and fossil fuels, APInnovations was actively recruited in the biodiesel industry, where they have now built numerous plants.

With clients on six continents, and an impressive reference list, APInnovations’ principals have emerged as industry leaders in the processing industry, ready and willing to assist clients worldwide. ®2008