Operations / Management Systems

  • Safety Program design
  • Quality Control Program design
  • Pest Control Protection design
  • Laboratory equipment selection
  • Product Protection Program design
  • Operation manuals development
  • Operator training
  • Management Systems design
  • Productivity audits
  • Startup assistance
  • Cost control audits
  • Benchmarking studies


Energy Management

  • Energy Audits (electricity and natural gas)
  • Electrical demand control system design
  • Power factor improvement services
  • Natural gas procurement services
  • Electricity procurement services
  • Heat recovery systems


Equipment Procurement

  • Equipment evaluation and selection
  • Contract negotiations
  • Purchasing system design


Expert Witness

  • Food Safety Issues
  • Product contamination
  • Contract negotiations
  • Purchasing system design
  • Structural Analysis & Failures
  • Equipment Design and Placement
  • Industrial & Farm Accidents
  • Product Liability
  • Grain & Food Quality Issues
  • Industrial Safety Issues
  • Patent Infringement Issues
  • Electrocution Cases
  • Explosion Cases
  • Agricultural Engineering Cases
  • Electrical Fire Cases


CMC Hazmon System

The Hazmon System is designed to be a key component in bringing increased safety and efficiency to any grain, feed, or milling facility. It is straightforward to install and setup as well as providing an intuitive display and touchscreen interface for plant operators. No HMI or PLC programming is required to setup or operate this powerful controller. Troubleshooting and sensor replacement can easily be done without any special training or equipment.

The Hazmon System provides a security system that restricts access to the setup and configuration portions of the controller. In addition, the security system logs access to critical system events such as alarm silence, alarm test and alarm bypass. Alarms and other  system events are logged to an alarm event log on the controller's SD card. Logs are maintained in separate files for each day.


Grain Management System

We offer an advanced grain monitoring program, established in 2012. We use proven strategies that are backed by science to reduce energy, reduce shrink, maximize quality and reduce waste in the farm and commercial sectors. Our grain storage systems are computerized, with five technicians consistently monitoring storage conditions and ambient conditions remotely. All of our staff has an extensive background in the grain storage and engineering industries.

APInnovations provides a range of services for farmers and commercial operations all over the country. Our crew will visit your site and perform a visual inspection to check for common issues that may be costing you money. These include water leaks, air flow under the bin floor, mechanical problems in the equipment, and improper ventilation. In addition, we will check the electrical system, the grain drying and storage processes, as well as current housekeeping practices. Following inspection, a report is generated with recommendations for a better storage plan. When you use our services, we monitor your system 24/7 during the drying & storage process.