• Product Characteristic Development
  • Equipment Design and Selection
  • Wastewater Treatment Design
  • Pre-cleaning System and Design
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Facilities Design

Oil Seeds Processing

  • Meal Handling/Storage Design
  • Hydrogenation Systems Design
  • Deodorization System Design
  • Oil Packaging System Design
  • Winterization System Design
  • Bleaching System Design
  • Preparation Plant Design
  • Extraction Plant Design
  • Oil Refinery Design

Rough Rice

  • Drying Systems Selection and Design
  • Storage Systems Selection and Design
  • Quality Preservation Systems Design
  • Storage Management Design

Rice Milling

  • Air Pollution Control System Design
  • Brown Rice Production Flow Design
  • Parboiled Rice Milling Flow Design
  • White Rice Milling Flow Design
  • Plant Automation Design
  • Equipment Selection
  • Yield Enhancement
  • Facilities Design

Rice By-Products Processing

  • Animal Feed Formulation and Pelleting Systems Design
  • Rice Hull Burning/Co-generation Plant Design
  • Specialty Silica Production From Rice Hulls
  • Stabilized Rice Bran Systems Design
  • Rice Bran Oil Extraction Plant Design
  • Rice Hull Grinding Systems Design

Specialty Rice Processing

  • Quick Cooking Rice Production Systems Design
  • Rice Flour Production Systems Design
  • Rice Cake Production Systems Design

Soybean Lecithin

  • Lecithin Degumming System Design
  • Lecithin De-oiling System Design


Plant Operations Management Systems

  • Product Protection Program Design
  • Operations Manuals Development
  • Laboratory Equipment Selection
  • Quality Control Program Design
  • Pest Control Program Design
  • Management System Design
  • Safety Program Design
  • Cost Control Audits
  • Productivity Audits
  • Startup Assistance
  • Operator Training

Energy Management

  • Electrical Demand Control System Design
  • Power Factor Improvement Services
  • Natural Gas Procurement Services
  • Electricity Procurement Services
  • Energy Audits


  • Warehouse Design and Management
  • Product Protection Systems Design
  • Packaging Equipment Selection
  • System Automation

Equipment Procurement

  • Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • Purchasing System Design
  • Contract Negotiations